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acrylic (2020)

Two square canvas 40x40 cm (final size 40 x80 cm)


When there is a separation, the human being undergoes a partition; their present is composed of a past they want to return to and a future they want to face.

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acrylic (2020)

18 x 24 cm



My work speaks about the human being, their feelings, conflicts, and the constant struggle we face in life. It describes the struggle of the inner self against the inexorable battle between ethics, morality, and religion that punishes us from within. My brushstrokes reflect energy that emerges uncontrollably and tries to be channeled through the canvas. I have never been able to consciously select a color palette; apparently, my soul takes control and spontaneously manifests itself. My work is a protest against the destiny we refuse to accept; it is the tireless search for freedom.

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2019 - JCI Amsterdam International

Acrylic 50X50 cm


My work talks about the human being at the centre of the development objectives and life itself. Without achieving to comply with the development objectives, we will not make any progress in the path of freedom and a just life. There are still people dying of hunger and thirst because

of corrupt governments that steal their resources. We lose more time fighting against discrimination than understanding and getting involved rescuing the environment. There are issues with clear objectives that we can't take for granted, issues that we all need to work on.

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La noche oscura del alma

Dark night of the soul

Acrylic (2023 -2024)


In life, we all go through stages of suffering, in which we feel total abandonment. The dark night can last for days or years, and only when we accept to fall and collapse can we rise again and return to life guided by our soul, which has evolved and grown after the dark night.

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