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During the pandemic, I saw how art can make people feel good, so I started creating colorful art with simple, happy characters.

My goal is to spread joy and positivity through my work, making it easy for people to connect with and feel uplifted by.

In short, my aim is to inspire empathy and hope in society through my designs and art.


2020 - acrylic

Pets bring us happiness, giving their love and joy unconditionally.

This creation is crafted under the concept of the mirror neuron, where if I see something or someone smiling, I smile at the same time.

Dia de muertos 

(Day of death) since 2021

50 x 50 cm – mix media



The legend says that darkness and negative energies used to block the entry of good souls.

Wise elders, noticing this, asked the youth for help to create big, colourful kites. This way,

joy would light up the path for the spirits to come back to Earth.



40x50 cm  – mix media


A bagel can be transformed into dreams; it's just a matter of activating our creative imagination to transform matter.

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40x50 cm. - acrylic

We all have a favorite café that makes us happy when we visit, bringing life back to us. Cats and colors are a reflection of the hidden personality of the consumer.



50 x 50 - mix media


We all keep a piece of paper because it reminds us of a pleasant moment in our lives.

They bring us color, and when we see them again, they bring back memories of happy times.

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